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why do you guys have to post stuff when I’m trying to sleep.

onebrigade asked: Are you a One direction fan? Because they are similar to Infinite!!!

justin, dun fck wit me. i wil smak u.


u know yr fucked when someone is so fine u can’t even look at them directly u gotta glance at them out of the corner of your eye like yr lookin at the sun

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Infinite - Diamond

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Energy-Efficient Industrial Loft With French Flair


Chic Industrial Loft in Portland

Combing two styles can be a hit and miss but in this “New York loft living style” home in Portland, Oregon, the blend of raw industrial and the elegance of French chic have blended seamlessly to create a home jam pack full of character and class. On top of looking great it is a net zero-energy loft meaning it generates the energy it consumes — making the world better one beautiful home at a time.

Enjoy the virtual tour!

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